Jhoi Broom brooms come in different sizes to meet your individual needs.

Full Jhoi Broom is our most popular size, a great tool to clean everything and everywhere in your house. 

Our Urban Jhoi Broom is a shorter version of Full Jhoi Broom, designed to fit underneath the kitchen countertop. This is a great size for those who only have a small kitchen or a bathroom to sweep, or for an RV or a craft studio.

Our Wee Jhoi Broom is our children size broom with smaller handle and smaller bristles. It also works well for those who need a super light broom to clean around the house. This is also the perfect broom for your wood-burning fireplace. 

Our Neat Jhoi Broom is our smallest handbroom, designed for quick pick-up, for cleaning the kitchen countertop and appliances, as well as for food crumbs around the dining area. This is perfect for those who bake and need something to clean the flour on the kitchen countertop with. This is also great for an office cleaning tool, beautiful, small and effective.