Care tips

  • Hang your Jhoi Broom up by its loop to keep the bristles from bending.
  • Dust might fall from the bristles on the first few uses. The dust is a part of the grass flowers and can be swept up along with trash or it can be gently shaken out before use.
  • Some of the bristles might break off as the broom adapts to your sweep strokes.
  • To clean its¬†bristles, shake Jhoi Broom gently over a trash can.
  • To clean the handle, wipe with a moist towel.
  • To deep clean the bristles, mix a little bit of dish soap with water, spray the bristles with the mixture, then rinse the bristles with warm water. Lay flat to dry.
  • Brooms are individually crafted so there might be slight variations.
  • Please avoid soaking the broom in water for a long period of time as the natural grass might deteriorate.
  • Please keep Jhoi Broom away from fire, heat and flammable materials as it is made of 100% grass and vines.