Frequently asked questions

1. What is Jhoi Broom?

Jhoi Broom is our natural broom, hand-crafted from grass and vine. It is designed to be used one-handed for a smooth and quick sweep. Its bristles are soft enough to curve against surfaces to grab onto fine dust and yet strong enough to gather any other particles you need to sweep up.

Jhoi Broom is named to to imitate the Vietnamese word for broom - “chổi” (pronounced JOI) and to represent the joy we hope our customers will have when using our brooms. 

2. What kind of surfaces can I use Jhoi Broom to clean?

Jhoi Broom can be used on any smooth surface, such as hardwood, tile, granite, cement, metal, glass and drywall. It can sweep floors, countertops, stair step corners and balusters, wall corners, ceilings, curvy light fixtures, as well as windows and doors. It can also be used on outdoor wood surfaces on decks, brick and slate in your backyard, and on other not-so-smooth surfaces as well -- in which case Jhoi Broom would show a little more wear and tear over time.

3. Why is there dust and strands of grass falling out when I use the broom?

Jhoi Broom bristles are the flowers of the grass, so there will be a little bit of pollen dust on them. Even though each Jhoi Broom is carefully cleaned to remove the majority of the dust during the crafting process, there might be some dust remaining on the bristles. As you sweep, the dust will fall out during the first few uses. To clean the dust, just sweep it up along with the trash or gently rub or shake the bristles over a trash can before sweeping.

During the life of each Jhoi Broom, the soft grass bristles constantly adapt to your posture, your habit of sweeping, and your floors. The grass strands might break off here and there to maintain the smooth curve on the surface at each sweep.

4. What are the sizes of Jhoi Broom?

Jhoi Broom Original is 40 inches in height and is our original broom design.

Jhoi Broom Urban is 30 inches tall and is designed to hang under standard countertops.

Wee Jhoi is our miniature broom at only 25 inches tall. Wee Jhoi is easy to carry around and store in small spaces.

Neat Jhoi is our hand broom, 11 inches in height, and it nests inside our dustpan for easy storage.

5. How do I use Jhoi Broom?

Jhoi Broom is used one-handed so you can reach corners, sweep the surface in a continuous motion, and gather trash with just one hand -- leaving the other hand free to move things out of your sweeping area.

After each use, gently shake the bristles over a trash can or the Jhoi Dustpan to remove any excess dust and hang Jhoi Broom up by its loop.

6. What are Jhoi Dustpan?

Jhoi Dustpans are designed by our company to be the natural companion of our Jhoi Brooms. Jhoi Dustpans are hand-weaved from bamboo with a little bit of cotton binding. The full size Jhoi Dustpan is undyed natural bamboo color with a wider opening for a quicker sweep. The Mini Jhoi Dustpan is hand-dyed (with food-grade colors) to add a splash of color to the set. The Mini Jhoi Dustpan is usually paired with Wee Jhoi to fit in tight spaces.

7. Who are the artisans?

Jhoi Brooms and Dustpans are handmade by Vietnamese artisans using a local broom tying technique. The technique has been passed down from previous generations -- from the time when brooms were constructed using the rice and grass gathered from the rice field after each harvest.

Though it is not an easy skill to master, our Jhoi Broom artisans have decades of experience. 

8. How do I care for my Jhoi Broom?

Jhoi Brooms have soft bristles so the most important part of care is to hang it by its loop or store it upside down between uses. When your Jhoi Broom needs to be cleaned, its bristles can be gently shaken or rubbed to remove the dust. To deep clean the broom bristles, use a little soap and warm water to wash it, then lay flat to dry. The handle can be wiped clean with a wet cloth. 

9. Where can I buy Jhoi Broom?

Please refer to our Where to buy page for a list of stores.